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With Parkjet, you will easily find parking locations and valet services around you, create the fastest route to your destination and never wait in the line for parking payment again. You will experience the seamless parking in Parkjet parking locations and will be able request your car with a click if you are using a Parkjet valet service.
Find Parking Locations Easily find parking spots all around the city with Parkjet
Seamless Parking With the plate reader you can get in & out of parking spaces seamlessly
Easy Payment Check your payment status and make payment from anywhere
Download Out App. It's Free. Parkjet is designed to enhanced your overall parking experience from finding a spot to payment. Download today… Park fast and pay easy with Parkjet
4.5 - Rating for all versions
How it Works
Download Parkjet and create your account, add your vehicle and start using Parkjet immediately. Easily browse Parkjet enabled member parking lots and valet services on nearby locations or on your destination location. Choose your parking location and Parkjet it.
Is PARKJET available in my city? Parkjet is only available in Istanbul for now. We will be expanding to Ankara and İzmir very soon.
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